Alyssa Vangeli Kline & Chad who met through her brother Matt!

“Matt actually met Chad at a Hatebreed concert, he set us up on a blind date in January 2005. We had our first date at Keystone Pub, we were both 24 years old, little did we know that would be our “last first dates”. Both of us not looking for anything crazy serious, we had both gotten out of long relationships prior and just wanted to see how things went but you can’t mess with destiny. As we talked we realized we hung out with the same small circle of friends in high school, we actually sat a few rows from each other at a Godsmack concert a few years prior to us meeting and when he came over to meet my family he saw my senior picture and said he felt like he saw that picture before and realized he saw me in a yearbook 4 years before we met at our friends house and said to him that he’s never seen a more beautiful girl…….18 years later (married for 11 years), an apartment, house, 5 dogs, a handful of cats, 2 amazing kids and the most perfect marriage imaginable we are still here going stronger then ever! We are so very thankful for that last first date.”