Our story began in the most unexpected place – the Department of Labor & Industry. Who would’ve thought that our professional lives would intertwine and lead us to a love that would stand the test of time? Three years after our paths crossed, fate played its hand, with a little help from my Aunt and a mutual friend who believed in us.

That momentous first date? It took us to the enchanting world of Mama Mia on Broadway. Fast forward seven wonderful years, and a question popped in the most unique way – after a run-in with a parked car! His nerves got the best of him, but little did he know, I was already head over heels.

Our journey to the aisle wasn’t without its twists. In just four months, we planned a celebration that reflected our love and dreams. But as fate would have it, the world threw us a curveball with the COVID-19 pandemic. What followed was the most challenging yet rewarding journey – navigating wedding planning during a global pandemic.

Underneath the shade of a majestic tree at Cedar Beach, we shared a mini 5-minute ceremony on our original date. Our closest loved ones joined us, and from there, we walked to our home across the street for an “I Do” BBQ that perfectly embodied our love for simple, genuine moments.

Months went by, filled with date changes and resilience. An intimate bridal shower in my mother’s backyard, along with numerous other twists, led us to August 2021 – the day we finally said “I do” in a redo ceremony, surrounded by friends and family.

Our journey through wedding planning didn’t just create a bond; it ignited a passion for making memories. And so, “Lights Camera Spin PA” was born – an all-inclusive photobooth experience featuring selfie booths, 360 video booths, and now, innovative audio guestbooks.

Our love story is a testament to perseverance, embracing the unexpected, and cherishing every moment.