Not every bride and groom want kids out of their wedding. Some actually want kids in their weddings as members as well as guests. However it should be remembered that there are only few kids who mind their own works and a majority can very easily create a lot of confusion in the wedding. Before the decision as to if the kids have to be present or not all these factors have to be looked into.

However having children is not a run off the mill act. It can cause a lot of problems. One doesn’t know if the kids have to be left to their own company and hope that they behave themselves or should they provide the kids with a room with also childcare so that they are just present there and nothing much. However the best solution would be to have a mix of both.

The first thing that has to be considered on knowledge that children shall be present at the wedding is their ages. Babies might have to stay along with the parents. Hence having the babies in another room wouldn’t be a good idea. But if they are around 12 or so then they can be left in a room with facility of childcare and that should keep them occupied for some time.

If the children have to be left in a room at the reception, it would be a good idea to have a coloring table or a film that is popular with the kids. This could actually be just enough for the time duration of the wedding reception. However it is necessary that there be an adult who would supervise the kids continuously. There should be an adult for every five kids if they are toddlers and an adult for every ten kids in case they are older. The kids cannot be expected to engage themselves and hence the child care provider must be asked to initiate some action.

What if the couple wish that the kids be a part of the reception activities? There are a plenty of activities that one can do to keep the kids engaged. One can plan a coloring table at the back of the reception where one can provide a lot of paper, colors, markers, color pencils, etc. Paints are not recommended for obvious reasons and the mother would be very happy if washable markers and crayons are provided.

Many brides go the extra mile and plan well in advance on how to entertain their small friends. One common option is to have entertainment paid for readily in hand. This can be planned to take place in a separate room elsewhere. A clown or a balloon artist can be hired or someone who can braid the children’s hair and give temporary tattoos. There can also be a children’s musician in case the kids are to be left in a separate room so that it doesn’t disturb the wedding proceedings.

If no plans have been made at the wedding for any presence of kids but the kids arrive some last minute plans have to be made. One sure option would be a”only children” dance which would allow the kids to shake a foot on the dance floor. All the attention would be enough to keep the kid silent for some time. Apart from being very cute to watch it would be very entertaining. Children are also considered good luck.

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