John and I were both previously married for several years. I was married for over 22 years and John was married for over 10. Both of our marriages, unfortunately, ended due to infidelity. We both decided to use eHarmony to help find someone new. I was browsing my matches and came across John’s profile. I reached out and said hello via the eHarmony app. John quickly replied, and since it was late, we decided to chat over lunch the following day. The next day we chatted for several hours and made plans to go out to dinner that night. John came to pick me up, and we went out to dinner. After dinner, we decided to sit by my fire pit and continue our conversation. Before we went out though, John grabbed me and pulled me close and gave me a very passionate kiss. To say I was surprised is certainly an understatement. We chatted for several hours around the fire pit. We just hit it off right from the start. We planned to go out again. On our third date, I took John to an off-road park for a Jeep event. He was a little nervous but enjoyed it. Over the next few months, we had several dates. We even started taking trips together. On our one trip, we went to San Antonio where John used to live. While we were there going to a very large liquor store to pick up some items for a friend. It was there that John asked me to officially be his girlfriend. As the months went by we grew closer and closer, and started discussing the future. We started looking at engagement rings. I wanted to be surprised by a ring, so I gave John some guidance as to the types of styles that I like or didn’t like. John traveled to New York to pick out a ring for me and even had some custom design work done. We planned a cruise in February over Valentine’s Day. This is going to be my first cruise, so I was very excited about it. John said the ring wasn’t going to be ready before we left on the cruise. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. While on the cruise John worked with the staff to plan a surprise engagement. It was totally awesome that he had the cruise Director call us both up in front of the entire audience in the theater on the ship and music playing. Of course, it was hard not to cry, but it was the most incredible experience. The rest of the cruise people would come up to us and congratulate us. We planned a second cruise for later in December. Due to some family issues, we decided to take the opportunity to have a wedding ceremony on that cruise in December. It was absolutely beautiful to have his father and my mom join us on the cruise and watch us get married. We also were planning on starting a family and one month ago we welcomed a beautiful baby boy to our family. I look forward to the future with John as well as Johnny, and I am very thankful for every day that I have with both of them.