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Do you know what your Financial Independence Number (FIN) is? That’s how much money you need to save and invest so you are in a good position for retirement.

Having a game plan in writing early on can be a stress-relieving gps for your journey through life together and it may help to prevent panic and arguments in the future, the best part is that the financial needs analysis plan is complementary and can be recalculated as needed.

Sam Yoder teaches people how money works, so they can make smart decisions for their futures and have some financial hope. From starting your investments from scratch to rolling over old employer retirement accounts. The right investment vehicle is important to long term success and financial independence.

Ask Sam about the 5 Keys to Keeping the Honeymoon Alive: Creating a Budget Together, Debt Do’s and Don’ts, Rainy Day Savings, Planning for Tomorrow, and Getting your Financial Snapshot.

Sam Yoder is a one stop shop financial solution resource. Sam can also assist with home and auto insurance, pre-paid legal services for wills and any legal issues, Identity theft protection, Home security and so much more.

Sam Yoder can assist and explain everything to you and help you apply for the life insurance you need.


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