Today, brides are often tempted to shop for dresses online to save money. However, this is a purchase that comes with many risks. Some careful consideration should be made purchasing a designer dress online. Many overseas copy houses will display a designer photograph promising to send you a name brand at unbelievable prices. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In the unlikely event that you are lucky enough to find an online store offering a sale price on your dream maids gowns, please remember what sounds like a deal often turns out costing you more. Your dress and gown color theme should be discussed with a professional consultant and should be a color the bride wears well accenting her skin tones, eyes, or hair as these bridesmaids will be the backdrop for the bride’s most important photograph. Your wedding day will come and go however, your memories and your photographs will last a lifetime.

The bridesmaid style should reflect similar styling or mood, of what the bride has selected. Find a similarity in both styles to create an amazing photograph.

Selecting a different style for each maid is a big fashion trend. The colors are usually kept in the same shade. In order to achieve this look it is important to be purchasing the maids styles from one bridal specialty store that will be certain all gowns are sewn with the same bolt of fabric so that all color dye lots remain the same. Far too often a bride will comment, “my girls all live in different states so it’s easier for each of them to order their gowns in their home state.” This often creates a disaster for the bride to be. The bridesmaid’s gowns should be purchased in the same area where the bride resides. Discounts will likely be offered by the bridal specialty store where you choose to purchase your beautiful wedding gown.

Local dress and gown vendors will also service these bridesmaids for you by offering personal alteration services that are often scheduled the morning or weekend of your bridal shower. By using a full service salon you can be sure that the maids style you choose will be sewn by the same person and that the colors will all photograph the same.

Your full service bridal salon will professionally press your maid’s gowns with an industrial steamer that will remove wrinkles without damaging your gown.

All gowns are shipped into this country in air tight bags. The gown must be professionally steamed prior to doing alterations and custom hems. The average price of a dry cleaner pressing a gown ranges from $38 to $42. Your gown will then need custom alterations to custom fit your body.

A full-service salon will offer alterations on the premises. After your maid’s gowns are custom fit, they will once again need a pressing prior to walking down the aisle on your wedding day. A salon will do that for you without charge. Many full-service salons also offer complimentary storage to ensure your merchandise will be safe and clean until the wedding day. Please use caution when coordinating your wedding day. You will be wearing the most beautiful gown you’ve ever worn. So why would you choose

to put a second rate gown on your maids? Proper planning and working with a professional bridal consultant will help you to look your best in your dress and gowns.