“Antonio & Nathaniel Santiago both born and raised in the Lehigh Valley both became one on 5/13/23. The couple has been together for 6 years and engaged for 2. They had their very first date at the AMC theater to see the live action Beauty and the Beast. Antonio greeted Nate with beautiful red roses dipped in gold glitter and 2 I-Max tickets. Nathaniel eyes lit up and he said wow Imax those tickets are for special occasions and Antonio replied tonight is a very special night. They loved the movie and agreed to have another date night at a local pizzeria. They went on several dates and then Antonio took Nathaniel to their favorite park and made it official. Two years goes by and Antonio told Nathaniel when 4 years comes around Id love to get engaged to you. Well they say time flies when your having fun and 4 years comes around the corner. Antonio booked a flight and stay in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. He also surprised Nate with VIP tickets to the Titanic Museum. Here Antonio proposed to Nathaniel on the Grand stair case. The couple then got back and decided to get married 5/13/23 which gave Antonio 2 years to plan their dream wedding. Antonio planned everything on his on and only used small businesses for their vendors. The wedding was beautiful formal and was definitely a night to remember!”