Lehigh Valley Love Stories

Leah & Robert

“Robert and I met at East Stroudsburg University. We were in the same Workplace Writing class together. I sat in the empty seat behind him on the second day of class. This class required group work, when our professor mentioned this Rob turned around, looked at me and asked “group”? To which I responded- yes. From there we were in eachother’s group for the whole semester so we talked every day in class. After class I had some time to wait before my next class (probably about an hour and a half) and he started joining me and hanging out with me during that time. We talked and laughed in a computer lab classroom researching random topics we would discuss or watching funny clips from “The Office.” We started texting and talking on the phone often (talking on the phone was rare for me because I hate talking on the phone but I always loved chatting with him). We became friends and he was hinting on wanting to take me out on a date, I mentioned going to Gettysburg (we both enjoy history and it was somewhere we both had never been, but wanted to go). I was teasing him thinking that it would never actually happen, he caught onto this and said he would definitely take me to Gettysburg if that’s where I wanted to go! He was serious about taking me on a date on a date so if that’s what it took, he was willing. Eventually he admitted that he liked me and was interested on going on a date and dating me. I was interested in him so I agreed to give it a try. Our first date was a bit of a disaster which made it humorous and memorable! Because the date didn’t go perfectly, we both thought the other one wasn’t interested in a second date. We both agreed we were so we went on a second date eventually and many dates after. We became official and we started walking to classes together and going on dates after class – we would start at Starbucks on campus which would lead to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant in the area, then after that we would go to the mall, go see a movie in the theater in the mall, and finally get dinner. So our little coffee date would end up being an entire day out; it was clear we enjoyed eachother’s company. We did eventually go to Gettysburg like he promised, he took me for the first time on my birthday and it has become one of our favorite spots. Gettysburg is also where he proposed to me in May 2022 in my favorite room in my favorite bed and breakfast there – The Brickhouse Inn. Before he asked me to marry him in May we went to Charleston, South Carolina during our winter break in January 2022. We chose Charleston because once again it was a place we both had never been to but wanted to see together. I also wanted to go because it had a location for the engagement ring store that I was interested in looking at, so we made the appointment. When we went to the engagement ring store, we ended up picking the center stone and every detail of that ring together (based on what I liked, but again still a decision we made together) and from there the ring was personally designed and later shipped to him. Traditionally the engagement ring is supposed to be a surprise, but I think the experience of going and designing the ring together made it more special. He had it engraved with a little message that he came up with too which was adorable! We’ve been together for 4 years and have known eachother for 5 years. I felt comfortable with Robert and I felt like I could be my complete self with him from the beginning.This has not always been the case in past relationships, so I think that is when I knew he was the one. I also knew he was the one because he was the most genuine, caring, and respectful guy that I ever met. In the past, I would worry about the “honeymoon phase” ending and the relationship going sour, but with Rob I don’t worry anymore because I know that as each day passes our relationship just gets better and our love just grows.”

Cheers to many more years of love & happiness Leah & Robert !!

da just brushed it off because I didn’t really know his mom at the time. After multiple times of asking me to come up she finally said to me one day pack your stuff because your coming up after work for the weekend. I’ll be at your house to get you. Um again random but she won’t haha.. Well guess what she did! The ride was long and the nerves were high for that ride but it was all worth it! We have now been together for almost 5 years in October, we are getting married October 14th of this year and now have a beautiful 2 year old little girl!”

Cheers to many more years of love & happiness Justine & Austin!!

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